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Syma Exhibition System

Half a century ago SYMA-SYSTEM Ltd, Switzerland, pioneered the use of modular construction systems for trade shows. SYMA`s brilliant but simple idea of standardizing components meant that parts could be re-used and changed around to produce any number of new designs. Year to year development of exhibit systems production allowed to create a sort of universal constructor for building of stylish standard exhibit stands, exclusive expositions and a range of real masterpieces in exhibit design, store and museum interiors. On international level, SYMA has built up a network of subsidiaries and licensees in more than 50 countries, many of whom occupy a leading position in the market.

Our company became the first enterprise in the Russian market of exhibition services to offer innovative technologies of SYMA and received a license for production and sale of SYMA exhibit systems in Russia and countries of CIS. With help of these exhibit systems many of international expositions held in Russia were equipped as well as stores, offices and museums (including National Tretiakov Gallery and Yakut Diamonds National Museum).


- SYMA constructions are firm, multifunctional, safe and elegant

- SYMA has a wide choice of exhibit systems and components to implement any design idea

- SYMA offers the unique multi-level exhibit systems

- SYMA produces various packages of Indoor and Outdoor Pavilions

- SYMA systems are easy for transportation, mounting and dismantling

- Anyone relying on SYMA`s Technology continuous innovation is well equipped for the future.

SYMA Exhibit Systems in Russia

INTERFORM EXPO acts as a leading contractor in National Exhibit Services Market and as a distributor and manufacturer of SYMA equipment in Russia. Now SYMA Systems are used on the biggest fair grounds of Moscow such as All-Russian Exhibition Center, Sokolniki Fair Grounds, Gostinny Dvor Exhibition Center, Expocenter Fair Grounds, Manege Exhibition Center as well as in so called regional fair grounds such as Lenexpo, SibExpoCenter, KrasnodarExpo Exhibition Centre, Tcheliabinsk Fair Grounds, Mordovexpocenter, LipetzkExpo Exhibition Center, ExpoTolliatti and others.

The most popular SYMA Exhibit Systems in Russia are as follows: SYMA SYSTEM, SYMA RONDO, SYMA 408, SYMA MOLTO, SYMA ORBIT 30, SYMA SYSTEM MULTI-LEVEL, SYMA ORBIT 40. Last decade SYMA Exhibit Systems become more and more attractive for Russians because of huge development of the National Exhibition Market.

All our clients highly appreciate the quality of Swiss origin equipment. Nevertheless, the fact is that now a big part of our clients prefer to order SYMA Systems produced in Russia: the quality of such profile is quite similar to original but the price is preferable due to better delivery cost.

The variety construction of SYMA systems allows clients to choose between standard and exclusive exposition. It is very important advantage as we offer our clients the complete cycle of exhibition services, starting with the project design to its implementation in the exhibition stand.

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